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Parents are asked to co-operate with the school in encouraging the wearing of the school uniform.

School Uniform

We feel that a smart uniform fits well with the image that we as a school are trying to project. Parents and pupils are proud of their association with the school, and bearing in mind the many activities – both national and

international – in which Trinity pupils represent the school, we feel that uniform can only enhance our impressive reputation.

A good standard of dress, therefore, is expected and we discourage extremes of fashion, including multi-coloured hairstyles, make up and jewellery. Articles of clothing liable to lead to conflict, such as football club colours and tracksuits, are not allowed. Parents are asked to cooperate in these matters. On formal occasions such as certain visits outside school, school uniform is particularly requested.

School Dress Code

• White or black shirt

• School tie (available from the school office)

• Black jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt (worn with a school tie) but must

not have any logo other than that of the school

• Blazer (optional)

• Plain Black Trousers/Skirt

• Plain black footwear; shoes with stripes, white/coloured are not part of


Sports kit for this season can be purchased here.

School Blazers can be purchased here.

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Information about purchasing school blazers

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