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Support For Learning

The Support for Learning (SfL) department is a whole-school resource. Trinity Academy recognises the importance of providing an appropriate and meaningful education for all its students. Therefore, the aim of the SfL department is to ensure that support is provided to help pupils across the ability spectrum achieve their full potential.

The SfL department has many different roles, under the five key roles of : Consultancy, Co-operative Teaching, Direct Teaching, Specialist Services & Staff Development.

Other support strategies provided by SfL Dept. include Individual Educational Programmes (IEPs); ICT to bypass writing difficulties; individualised homework packs and daily reading programmes. It is also the department’s responsibility to co-ordinate SQA Assessment Arrangements for pupils requiring these in exams.

In addition, we also operate a Paired Reading Program involving PSA staff and trained senior pupils to support S1, 2 and 3 readers or pupils who need support with reading. The program takes place at various times during the week, and gives pupils an opportunity to enjoy reading and develop their literacy skills.