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Free School Meals and Help with Schoolwear

Some funding allocated to schools is based on pupils receiving Free School Meal entitlement. This allows us to provide extra support to our pupils. We do think a number of families who should be receiving this benefit are not currently claiming this support. This means they do not receive the help with meals but also means we do not receive all the additional funding we could.

We would encourage you all to apply if you are entitled to do so (see below). Money for free meals is put automatically on to our pupils young scot cards. Application forms for new cards can be obtained from the school office and replacement cards ordered by telephoning 0131 200 2350. The cards can be used to purchase food at break or lunch and a variety of hot and cold food is available at these times. If you think you are entitled please do apply! Help with the form is available through your child’s guidance teacher.

Help is provided to children from low income families with free school meals and vouchers to help towards buying school clothes. Young people over the age of 16 staying on at school and living on their own may also apply.

You can claim free school lunches for your children if you are receiving:

* Income Support (IS)

* Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance (JSA)

* Any income related element of Employment and Support Allowance

* Child Tax Credit (CTC), but not Working Tax Credit, and your income is less than £16,105

* Both maximum Child Tax Credit and maximum Working Tax Credit and your income is under £6,420

* Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

* Universal Credit

If you are between 16 and 18 years old and receive any of these benefits in your own right, you can claim free school lunches for yourself.

If you match these conditions and do not receive any element of Working Tax Credit you can also claim schoolwear vouchers.

The form for applying is available on our website or from the school office. You can send the form and supporting evidence by post or by email to:

Scanned copies of your evidence can be submitted by email.

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