Extra Curricular Clubs

Extra-curricular life at Trinity Academy isn’t just limited to music and sports.  There are many other opportunities for our pupils to pursue other activities.

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Drama Club - Thursday 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Dance Studio

Teacher in charge : Miss Cameron (English)

The new club has exceeded all expectations with over 30 talented pupils attending each week so far!  New members are still welcome to join us to learn more about performance and to gain confidence in listening and talking. All welcome.

Lunch and Break Club

The Lunch Club is operated by the Pupil Support Assistants and runs every break and lunch time from Monday to Thursday as well as a Friday break. It is an opportunity for students to eat their lunch in a supportive environment. It is also an opportunity to catch up and  meet your friends or make new friends. It is not open to all students and you will need a pass to get into the club. Please speak to your Pupil Support Leader or the Support for Learning department if you would like more information and to find out if it is suitable for you.

International Multi-Lingual Club

Monday after school (45 mins) in the ASL Base

Teacher in charge : Mrs R Punn

The International Multi-Lingual club is open to pupils who are bilingual or who have an interested in languages.  Activities include team building, learning how to play board and computer games and taking part in  topical discussions in various languages.

Art Club

Every Tuesday from 3.30 to 4.30 in the Art Department

The Art Club is for S1 and S2 pupils and is run by the staff from the Art Department on a rotational basis.

Students take part in a range of fun activities in a relaxed atmosphere such as: Clay modelling, jewellery making, body adornment, mosaic work and seasonal decoration.  

Come along and join in the fun.