“The Employment Guarantee: a European Challenge”

Trinity Academy pupils participated in a European Union Erasmus between 2015-17 which provided opportunities to study in Germany, Holland and Sweden. In total, participants benefited from a month of school and work place based study.

The project gave Trinity’s pupils the opportunity to investigate the opportunities currently open to young people of either studying or working in a foreign county which is also a member of the European Union. In addition, pupils were given insights into the local culture and traditions of the countries, families and schools in the countries they visited. An additional goal was to improve language and communication skills, both during the regular programme and during their stay with their hosts.

The two year programme included regular study periods and three week long visits to the Germany, Holland and Sweden. The programme of each visit consisted of seminars, IT workshops, cultural experiences and work placements. Company visits were a core component of these programmes. Trinity pupils benefited from visiting blue chip companies including IKEA’s research and development facility, SAAB, DAF and Husquvarna. The quality of these providers was reflected in the employers which supported Trinity’s hosting of our European colleagues in January 2017. The staff and pupils would like to express their gratitude to Standard Life, STV, Catapult, Edinburgh University and Forth Ports for their generous contribution to a week which exemplified the career and educational opportunities which Scotland can offer.  

Trinity’s students worked hard to succesfully produce their own websites, company brochures and Powerpoint presentations in which they demonstrated impressive IT and communication skills. A focus throughout was the development of transferable skills and the exploration of career opportunities which are available to young people interested in working in fields which include finance, logistics, IT and engineering.

Trinity’s association with European initiatives is long established and well known. The success of this latest project which provided free at the point of access participation for all pupils has paved the way for the continuation of Erasmus participation.

This shared website gives further information about the Project, about each of the participating schools and further details about each of the Partner employees and Universities who took part in the project.

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