Curricular Areas

Trinity Academy, Craighall Avenue, Edinburgh, EH6 4RT

Support For Learning English

English and Literacy

CL - Mrs G O’Connor

English >>

CL - Mrs G O’Connor

Maths Modern Languages Social Studies

Mathematics and Numeracy.

CL - Mrs L Hood

Maths  >>

Modern Languages.

CL - Mrs M Millar

Languages  >>

Social Subjects, Geography, History and Modern Studies.

CL Mrs C Bannon

Social Subjects >>

Expressive Arts

Physical Education.

CL - Mrs E Stirling

PE >>

Science Business and Computing Technologies

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science.

CL - Mr C MacLellan.

Science >>

Business Education, Computing, ICT.

CL - Mr A Caldwell

Computing >>

Design Technology, Food and Consumer Technology.

CL - Mr J Stembridge

Technology >>

Curricular Areas

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Religious Studies



CL Mr A Caldwell

RME >>

Pupil Support

Support for Pupils CLs -Mrs S Oliver, Mr D Robertson, Mrs L Clarke and Mr J Todd

Support for Pupils >>

support for learning

Support for Learning CL - Mr B Campbell

Support for Learning >>

CL - Mrs G O’Connor

pupils in the park Social Studies

Art & Design and Music

CL - Mr D Russell

Expressive Arts >>