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Religious and Moral Education


Ms. L Dorward

Mr. A MacLean

Miss. L Hume  

Mrs. A Brain

Religion is a contentious subject. In this society the need to learn about religion is greater than ever. We live in a world of polarised religious beliefs and attitudes to religion – literalism and atheism. There exists a clear need for intelligent and thinking debate, a renewed and conscious effort to be informed and aware. This subject is exciting and current. Throughout core Religious and Moral Education world religions and new religious movements are explored. Contrasting beliefs and practices are constructively challenged. Arising issues of morality and ethical conduct are naturally encountered in this process of exploration. Certificated courses allow more in-depth academic study and an understanding of belief and behaviours. This subject is a valid and vibrant pursuit, the study of a propulsive force which has characterised the development of humanity and shapes current global thinking. Come into the department and really set those grey cells in motion.

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* S1-3 Broad General Education covering Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes

* S4 core RME covering religious and ethical questions

* National 4 Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

* National 5 Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

* Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

* Advanced Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies